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    Magdalena Lius

    Magdalena LiusMBAcC, MRCHM BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Massage Magdalena is a general practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine .  She graduated from the University of Westminster with a BSc Honors in 2002 and has since completed a MSc in Chinese herbal medicine. Being brought up in a conventional medical family, she has always had a keen interest in medicine and healthcare.  However,  she already  from an early age felt let down by the ‘pop a pill and come back in two weeks attitude’.   When she discovered  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine she knew that was her path. Since graduating in 2002, Magdalena has been in busy practise.  She has amongst other things practiced acupuncture in India, worked as an assistant clinical supervisor at the University clinic and set up a multi-bed Acupuncture-in-Pregnancy clinic.  She ensures she attends regular courses ans seminars for continued professional development. Magdalena puts a strong emphasis on treating the individual and an acupuncture treatment is often combined with massage, cupping and herbal remedies – depending on the patients needs. In addition to her strong general practise, Magdalena has great expertise and experience in working withwomen’s issues. Gynaecological problems – irregular periods, PMT, endometriosis, PCOS etc. Fertility - to improve and support natural conception as well as ART such as IVF. Pregnancy – morning sickness, muscular pain, birth preparation etc. She has supported hundreds of women through the emotional path of trying to conceive to pregnancy and child birth.  Magdalena works alongside IVF consultants, midwives and obstetricians.  The majority of her patients fall into this category.  Magdalena finds that being a woman herself and having had children really helps in dealing with these issues. Magdalena is further a member of the London Acupuncture Childbirth Team (www.actlondon.org.uk).  She is also under training with Janet Balaskas to become an Active Birth teacher. In addition to acupuncture, Magdalena is an experienced massage therapist.   She combines her Chinese medical knowledge with Thai massage  and more conventional massage techniques.  She is happy to work with anything from just relaxation to sport injuries and pregnant ladies. For any questions, please contact Magdalena Lius at the Islington and Clerkenwell Chiropractic and Complementary health Clinic (020 7490 4042) To visit Magdalena's website click here.   booking-button-2